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Fight to Win Pro 4 Results

Fight to Win Pro 4 Results

Denver had it's most exciting grappling event to date last Friday night at the Fight to Win Pro 4.  Over 70% of the matches ended in submission.  The mat was shared by up and coming teens, the best Colorado Grapplers, and world class athletes including Mackenzie Dern.  Seth Daniels ran a seamless event keep the action going all night long.  

Pressure Grappling was represented by 3 athletes at the event.  Bruce Bugbee warmed up the crowd with his energizing walk out and had a dangerous heel hook attempt at the start of his match.  Unfortunately Bruce got caught in a toe hold and had to tap.  Julie Hoponick displayed her oppressive passing game and had a tight mounted guillotine toward the end of regulation.  She was not able to get the finish, but won by unanimous decision.  Pressure Grappling's final athlete to compete was Chaun Sims who was clearly a crowd favorite.  Chaun dominated position from the start of the match and settled into a nasty spiral kneebar to get the win.   

We want to congratulate all the athletes on exceptional performances and a job well done on showcasing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.