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Who we are


Our Mission

The goal for everyone at Pressure Grappling is to provide the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community with innovative training and competition gear that performs flawlessly. Our ever evolving design philosophy is to evoke inspiration and creativity. We aspire to create products and experiences for Jiu Jitsu athletes with the goal of fostering the next generation of grapplers who are committed to building deeper connections within their community and themselves.


Sponsorship Philosophy

Our sponsorship philosophy, is that the Jiu Jitsu competition scene and manufacturer support for athletes, has in the past, been a sea of uncertainty. Athletes have been unsure of what their role as brand ambassadors are for their respective sponsors. While the sponsoring companies have been indefinite on how to measure an athletes’ return on investment.

We believe we have an alternate path. Cultivating real personal relationships with a smaller team of athletes, where they not only become true advocates for our products and company ethos, but are given the best chance to succeed with our support. We shall endeavor to go beyond just providing high performance gear. This means being on site with backup uniforms, hydration in between matches or emergency coaching and emotional support. We strive to be there for our team members 100% and expect the same in return.